World in Flames

Session 10

Dragons and Dungeons

Exelixi, Xiph, and PP were absent, the latter two without leave. I am currently plotting revenge for this. As for the session itself, it was mostly hack and slash, so this entry will be considerably shorter than usual.

After deciding to bring the disabled archer back to the stairs leading upwards, the party continued to fight their way through the catacombs. After easily dispatching a hydra-like creature made out of what can only be described as flesh worms, the party was swarmed by giant spiders. The spiders didn’t pose much trouble either, and were soon dealt with. Aisling fried the last one with a lightning burst, causing it to explode rather messily.

Inside the spider’s remains, they found a set of bones and several pages of a journal. Inside, they found a century-old account of someone else’s time in the catacombs. The unknown writer had witnessed the birth of a dragon made from scraps of flesh, and the arrival of a man who was presumably named Krall.

All things considered, the party took this revelation rather well.

Afterwards, they killed a few fleshy tentacle things and we called it a night.



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