World in Flames

Session 11

Bats out of Hell

Unfortunately, Evii and PP both had to bow out of the campaign for the foreseeable future, and Envyus couldn’t make it. Shamus has changed hands to a new player, Mura. He has quickly proven that he fits in perfectly well with the group, and is a welcome addition to the roster.

After some wandering about, the party located the stairs leading to the next level of the catacombs. Once they got to the bottom, they found themselves in a room with the walls covered in tapestries depicting the Wyrm War. The events depicted in the tapestry cut off around the same time that the ancient city was known to have been destroyed. After some time looking around, Amusel noticed what appeared to be a structural weakness in the wall and asked Gerard to try and punch a hole in it. The monk complied, and the wall shattered to reveal a bizarrely natural looking set of caverns on the other side of a reasonably large gap. After some time spent attempting to jump the distance, Shamus suggested that the party try to make a bridge. Denzai, wondering why he hadn’t thought of that himself, created one out of shadows that allowed the rest of the party to make it across safely.

As the party began to investigate the caverns, they noticed that the floor was littered with bones. Shamus made the mistake of stepping directly on a particularly weak one, causing it to break with a loud snap that echoed through the cave.

Everyone froze to listen carefully, and they soon heard a soft rustling sound coming from behind them. They turned around to see two enormous spiders scuttling through the cave towards them. The spiders wasted no time and immediately lunged at the party, attempting to push them back into a cave full of webs and acid. One of them succeeded in entangling Denzai, but Shamus managed to scrape an arrow on the ground to generate a spark that set the spider’s web on fire. Denzai proceeded to take advantage of this and covered the spider in grease, which caused it to slip and fall prone.

Since a prone, immobile, flaming spider isn’t much of a threat, the party decided to focus on the other one. After they dispatched it, they turned their attention to the disabled one just in time for it to explode from the heat.

After some more exploration, they found another chamber filled with acidic, stagnant water. They were attacked by a group of colossal, batlike creatures called Hydewings. The encounter was uneventful aside from Gerard’s attempt to ride one that ended with both him and the hydewing in the water 30 feet away from the safe areas. They took a long rest afterwards.



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