World in Flames

Session 14 (Exelixi's Version)

When we last departed, the band was on its merry way to locate the den of the werewolves that had been plaguing Fantasy West Virginia. We found ourselves on a not-at-all-creepy dirt road in the middle of nowhere. Well, even more in the middle of nowhere.

Due to unforeseen complications, the GM was forced to depart for a while, leaving the three present players (Mura, Exe, and Envyus) to fuck around with trees, progressive rock, and professional gnome-tossing.

Jacobs returned, and we found that our shenanigans had alerted the watch-wolves. Our very first social encounter unfolded, concluding with the party entering the werewolf dwelling on good terms, without weapons.

Instead of the den of ravening monsters the band (and the players) expected, they were confronted with a group of starving, sick and weary people. They spoke to the werewolf leader, who, after a few moments of conversation, furiously tore open a curtain leading to what resembled a sick room. On a makeshift bed lay the singularly most horrible sight the group had seen- and they had spent their entire lives in Sanctum, which, as you’ve guessed isn’t a pretty place. An innocent man had been tortured near death, and of course the GM described this in awful detail. The werewolf chief explained that this was what Myst meant by “rehabilitation.”

The heroes were not impressed. The barbarian Aisling swore to avenge the atrocity, and the rest of the party fervently agreed. Amusel and Shamus did their best to heal the poor sap on the bed, and Sigurt distributed rations to the hungry clan. A plan was hatched, a scheme to assault the Center and rescue the innocent werewolves inside. The party rode back to the town, and with some luck and clever improvisation from Shamus, managed to get those werewolves capable of fighting inside the Center. Some guards on the inside grew suspicious, and a fight broke out. The werewolves, powers enhanced by the full moon, held off the assault while the protagonists went underground to free the imprisoned.

They found themselves in a proper dungeon, caves and cells and all. A conversation between the two on-duty cellkeepers was heard. It involved the notion of molesting a pretty prisoner. The heroes charged, of course; Aisling bisected one in a single strike, and Shamus rushed the other into the reach of a ferocious caged ape-beast.

With only two players remaining, the GM opted to cut the scene there.



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