World in Flames

Session 16

Skinwalkers: Part 1

We have yet another new party member – Mystify, Legend’s unofficial chief power gamer, replacing Xiphon III. Mystify is playing Third Hand member Thel Aswad, whose name was quickly retconned to Thel Abidad. Also, this session was cut short for various reasons that are too long to adequately explain here.

After settling matters in Alfreish, the party moved on towards Mornbar. On the way, they “coincidentally” encountered a merchant party from the desert, led by a rather colorfully dressed and entirely humorless halfling. After some conversation, Sigurt pulled the leader aside with the party and explained that the man was in fact a member of the Third Hand named Thel Abidad, and the party and halfling continued together.

Once they arrived at the edge of the forest, Sigurt helped everyone into the trees. They were greeted by a massive network of platforms and bridges that stretched as far into the forest as they could see. Once everyone was up, they made their way into the trees.

After about an hour’s journey, they came upon a village that at first glance appeared completely abandoned. However, soon after the party began to investigate, people began to file out of their huts cautiously. One of them, who looked to be some kind of leader, approached the party and told them that they had to move on as soon as possible. The party naturally responded by asking why. As if on cue, the man’s eyes widened as he saw something behind Aisling’s back and the villagers all rand back into their huts.

Aisling turned around and saw what looked like a large piece of skin floating gently on the wind. Given that there was no wind to speak of at the time, this was somewhat unusual. The kite was soon joined by several more, and they floated around the edges of the village for a few minutes. Then, as one, they froze in midair. A few seconds later, they darted directly towards the party.

The party immediately readied themselves. Thel shed his merchant disguise while Mary and Amusel began firing off magic and metal at the kites. Aisling, however, decided that apparently the halfling should get a taste of how things generally went with this group, and maybe pay a bit of tribute to Gerard’s antics in the process. He began by sprinting towards the edge of a platform and throwing himself off it directly towards a swarm of kites. While in midair, he brought his sword around and managed to neatly bisect every single one of them, making a perfect three point landing on another platform. He followed this up by teleporting into the center of yet another swarm, literally screaming a thunderclap that caused all of those to fall to the forest floor, and running off the platform again to finish off two stragglers on a nearby bridge.

And with that, I had to cut it short.



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