World in Flames

Session 9

Out of the frying pan...

We had perfect attendance this session, for the first time since the campaign began. Woohoo!

The party awoke to find themselves in a cell at the bottom of a large pit. Through the gloom, they were able to make out Aisling tied up in a corner. He looked incredibly ragged, and his once-blue tattoos had now turned jet black. After they untied him, he explained that he had no memory of anything that happened to him between falling asleep in the Temple of the White Wyrm and waking up in this cell.

After looking around for a bit and letting his eyes get accustomed to the darkness, Gerard found a weak point in the wall of the cell. After failing to break it, he beckoned Aisling over to smash his way through. The barbarian obliged.

When the dust settled, the party found themselves staring out at the ancient catacombs beneath Tel Phonen. After walking around for a while, they hard some shuffling and crunching noises coming from a room to the side. They looked in and saw an enormous pile of flesh, skin, blood, and tissue. It looked fresh. While trying to sneak in, one of Gerard’s knives fell out of his coat and hit the ground.

The munching stopped.

As the party began to back away, two creatures walked around from the back of the pile to face them. The creatures were vaguely humanoid, but were emaciated husks with bestial proportions. Amusel confirmed that they had been human once, but had been mutated and corrupted by something. The vermin shrieked and charged at the players, but were no match for the party.

After dispatching the vermin, Denzai reanimated one and asked it for information on the dungeon. Between a bunch of inarticulate shrieking, the vermin was able to communicate that it had been collecting flesh for its master before it dissolved into another pile of gore.

After exploring the floor some more and finding a massive cache of items to replace the ones that had been taken when they were thrown into the dungeon, Shamus discovered a secret entrance that led to a staircase descending downwards.

As the party exited the stairwell, they found 2 vermin and a gnoll. During the ensuing battle, Denzai and Creig got severely scared by the gnoll and fled to the safety of a previous room. Fortunately, the others managed to dispatch the gnoll without too much trouble. This caused the vermin to panic and attempt to flee. While the party took down one of them easily, Gerard decided to show off a bit. He bullrushed the remaining vermin, pushed it through a door, and shoved it screaming into the depths below.

Afterwards, the party found a few crazed adventurers who had clearly been running around for a while. These new adventurers attacked the party almost on sight, causing . One was disabled, while the others were killed. Temporary reanimation of a paladin revealed no useful information. At present, the party is arguing over what to do with the remaining archer.



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