Canson Okerzale

A mob boss with hidden depths.


Feats: Telekinetic Adept, Telekinetic Scion, Telekinetic Strength


Canson Okerzale controls most of the third, fourth, and fifth levels in the southeast quadrant of Tel Phonen. This is more impressive than it sounds, as it means that he effectively runs a territory that’s bigger and more populous than most major cities. He has also demonstrated some impressive telekinetic abilities.

Okerzale is very much the odd gnome out amongst Tel Phonen’s crime lords. While he is known as one of the most ruthless individuals the city has ever seen, he also has a reputation for avoiding some of the more morally questionable aspects of his profession. When he is seen in public, he is usually in the company of a young girl. Recent events have confirmed that this girl is his daughter, Elsa.

As a young man, Okerzale arrived at Tel Phonen peniless and alone. Rather than succumbing to the fate of so many others in his position, Okerzale instead took the underworld by storm. He joined a syndicate as an operative, and through manipulation, savvy, and sheer force of will, he carved out a territory for himself and became one of the most fearsome criminals the city had ever seen.

Throughout his rise to power, Okerzale cultivated a reputation for being as honorable as he was ruthless. He would take in anyone who needed the money, but had a very strict code of conduct for them to follow. Meaningless brutality was severely punished, and any of his subordinates found to be involved in slavery were simply dropped off a platform.

Okerzale’s organization is well known for both its willingness to negotiate things peacefully and its ability to utterly crush anyone stupid enough not to do so.

At some point in the past, Okerzale joined the Guardians as part of the Third Hand. He is currently Sigurt’s boss.

Canson Okerzale

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