"Captain" Creig Cornswaggle


Creig Cornswaggle was originally just another gnome living in the slums of Rhak’shath, a seaside gnomish shacktown, dreaming of escaping the cycle of shit he was forced to endure. He grew up in a regular gnome family, being the second born of four. While his older sister and younger brothers were greatly skilled at continuing on with the menial tasks that earned their family a living, Creig was always better at a rather more… Forward form of money gathering. Creig is tall for a gnome, which, while not much compared to even dwarves, enabled him to scare and threaten others into helping him. In addition, his build was quite dexterous and he was able to steal that which he couldn’t get through bullying. However, this kind of behaviour did not go unnoticed and he was eventually driven out of Rhak’shath at the gnomish equivalent of 19 human years of age by the rulers of the town and a large mob who had grown tired of his childish antics and antagonistic personality. He managed to secure a small fishing boat and escaped the wrath of this mob.

After drifting out on sea for a few months, he noticed a large and foreboding ship on the horizon. Thinking nothing of it, he returned to his rest. However, the next time he woke up he realized he had been taken prisoner by an orc pirate vessel. While being told that he was to be killed and used as an appetizer, Creig demanded that he be given a chance to fight for his freedom. Finding this fighting spirit mildly amusing, they allowed him this ‘dying wish’. Given a rusty sabre and a piece of wood for a shield, Creig stood awaiting the fierce pirate leader… Who ended up finding this runt’s spunk entertaining and filled with potential. The leader’s name was Raizen the Raider and took Creig under his wing as a pirate.

Over the years, Creig grew to become a decently competent warrior. However, in a badly botched attack on a merchant vessel which had hired mercenaries, Raizen was killed and his true nature was revealed. Raizen was a powerful magic-user, casting an illusion over his orc crew to convince them that he was an enormous orc whose power was to be feared, when he was but a simple gnome, like Creig. Understanding that their pirate lives had been nothing but lies, the orcs sought to take out their hatred upon Creig. Luckily for him, he managed to escape that particular situation and fled.

Creig still has a strong love of piracy flowing through his veins and, as such, intends to cement himself to be one day the greatest pirate of all time. To this end, he plans on obtaining a treasured pirate artifact known only as The Strange Eyepatch. It was said to have belonged to the greatest pirate who ever lived and so Creig seeks to obtain it. Then he will raze Rhak’shath to the ground, eradicate the traitorous remaining members of the Sails of Shadow, and establish himself in lore to be remembered until the end of days. His goals are nothing more, nothing less. For now…

Creig is currently serving as a part of Okerzale’s syndicate.

"Captain" Creig Cornswaggle

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