Gerard Phoenixson

An absent-minded but honorable and compassionate monk


Gerard is a man rather unique in the mountains. There’s a monastery at the tip of the highest peak, and Gerard works there. He’s a bit different from the rest of the monks however. You see, Gerard is the head librarian in this monastery, which has the most prolific book selection in the world. And he loves those books with his life. Besides the Athletics and Acrobatics training with his fellow monks, he is self taught in Medicine, Engineering, Arcana, and History. He is always seen with a book in had. Always. Even in combat. Actually, especially in combat. His only berserk button is when somebody damages a book.

Gerard’s father, Henner Gunnmarson, is the leader of a minor clan in the mountains and is less than pleased with Gerard’s choice of occupation. Personally, Gerard couldn’t really care less about what his father thinks. Needless to say, the two don’t exactly get along.

As the adventure continued, Gerard developed into a father figure for Mara Sabel.

Gerard Phoenixson was killed in action while buying time for his friends to escape. He took down over forty vermin singlehandedly before he fell.

Gerard Phoenixson

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