Jutha Krall

A psychotic Paladin with an extremely mysterious past.

  • LEVEL: 4
  • RACE: Elf
  • CLASS: Paladin
  • HP: 43
  • AC: 16
  • REF: 3
  • FORT: 7
  • WILL: 6
  • BAB: 4
  • KOM: Str
  • KDM: Cha
  • SPEED: 35

    Judgment Sage’s Wrath Smiting
    Knowing Grim Heritor Skirmish
    Mercy Mental Thrust

Very little is known about Krall at the moment. He’s a powerful paladin who came to believe that sentient life was inherently corrupt, and that true justice could only be achieved by annihilating the wicked. In order to achieve this end, he attempted to summon the beings who had come to that conclusion well before him: the Great Wyrms. At some point down the line, he gained a mysterious connection to a necromantic cult called the Order of the Black. The Phoenix and the Avatars believe that he was an important member of the Order of Oblivion.

The players encountered him inside the Temple of the White Wyrm while he was in the middle of his ritual. Were it not for the fact that he had to use most of his power to keep the ritual functioning properly, he would have easily obliterated the party of relatively ordinary mercenaries. As it stood, however, the party was able to do enough damage to break his concentration, causing the ritual to invert itself and drag him screaming into the emptiness.

A document found in the catacombs beneath Tel Phonen indicates that Krall was unnaturally old when the party fought him, and that he was somehow involved in the birth of the Abomination that lurks in the depths.

The Phoenix is worried that Krall may yet return.

Known Allegiances:

  • Order of Oblivion
  • Order of the Black

Jutha Krall

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