Tag: Syndicate


  • "Captain" Creig Cornswaggle

    Creig Cornswaggle was originally just another gnome living in the slums of Rhak'shath, a seaside gnomish shacktown, dreaming of escaping the cycle of shit he was forced to endure. He grew up in a regular gnome family, being the second born of four. While …

  • Canson Okerzale

    Canson Okerzale controls most of the third, fourth, and fifth levels in the southeast quadrant of Tel Phonen. This is more impressive than it sounds, as it means that he effectively runs a territory that's bigger and more populous than most major cities. …

  • Cax Dankleburg

    Nothing is known about Dankleburg at this time, but his men have been seen attempting to push into [[:canson-okerzale | Canson Okerzale]]'s territory. He apparently controls some territory on the lower levels.