Ambora occupies the plains directly to the southeast of the Mountains. Its society is largely agrarian, with a feudal system in place. Farmers work land owned by a lord, who in turn receives his station from one of five lords. The five lords serve as the secular government of the plains, seated in the walled city of Tel Phonen. The manual farm work tends to produce strong barbarians, but the level of patience and knowledge required to administer a farm also means that higher born Plainsmen are often capable of mustering the dedication required to become monks, paladins, or sages.

Tel Phonen

See Tel Phonen.

Lords and Lordships

The lords have a wide range of personalities, which are reflected by the state of the territories they control. Some were born into their positions, some were given them in return for services rendered, and some won theirs in combat or by other means.


Hargrave, the land surrounding Tel Phonen, has been under the control of the same family for centuries. During that time it has been a bastion of stability and peace. Unfortunately, that peace has never had as much to do with the strength of the lord as it has with the land’s proximity to the holiest and arguably best defended city in Sanctum. The current lord is very much aware of this, and has allowed himself to grow complacent and lazy, squandering his share of his income on his own hedonistic lifestyle. While his barons have attempted to pick up the slack, their limited resources prevent them from being truly effective in any serious peacekeeping capacity. As a result, Hargrave is currently swarming with bandits.

Cities and Towns


Located several hours’ ride from Tel Phonen, Dorn is the seat of Lord Hargrave’s court. Ambora’s military is headquartered near the city, a decision made at least partially to keep Hargrave in line.


The southwest portion of the plains is tightly controlled by the current lord, who was given the position by council acclimation as a reward for his outstanding service defending the land from an incursion by forest strike teams. Since taking power, the lord has cracked down heavily on crime. Noxvale’s military forces stand on constant alert, ready to defend against attacks from the forest, the sea, the Marshlands, or within. However, Noxvale’s guards have a noted trend towards brutality, and many of them are at least somewhat corrupt. It’s not uncommon for some unfortunate soul to find themselves in jail on trumped up charges for failing to pay protection to the wrong guard.

Cities and Towns


The town of Alfreish is located near the southern border with the Marshlands. As a result, it serves as something of a magnet for much of the escaped weirdness that results from the Marshland’s many magical mishaps.

The town is situated on opposite banks of a river, and the two halves are joined by a bridge.


The northwest quadrant of the plains has long been the site of infighting over power. The current Lord Borafont married into the position, and is generally known for being a weak willed sycophant. The power in this land lies with Lady Borafont, the granddaughter of a man who took the position in a coup. She maintains her leadership by way of complex maneuvering that ensures her enemies are unable or unwilling to communicate with each other for fear of certain discovery and summary execution. Given that Lady Borafont spent much of her childhood as a political hostage during the Mornbar-Amborian Conflict, this aptitude is unsurprising. Borafont is teeming with dealers who trade information as frequently as easily other merchants sell food.


With the bandit-infested mountains on one border and the increasingly hostile canyon on the other, it’s no small wonder that the current Lord Galdric has managed to keep his land habitable for as long as he has. Many parts of the once-beautiful region exist now only as charred wastelands. To combat the threat posed by the canyon, Lord Galdric instituted mandatory military service for all able-bodied men and women throughout the region. Within a year, Galdric has built itself a fighting force to rival Noxvale’s at its peak.


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