Natural Fauna


Direwolves are generally found in the mountains. They hunt in packs and rely on their incredible speed and agility to take down their prey.


Found in the forest, Gepards are a strange mashup of some of the world’s most effective predators. Their skin appears vaguely reptilian, but they are built more like wolves and have the claws and teeth of a jungle cat. Gepards hunt alone, but will usually bring their kills back to a small pack of around 5 or 6 individual members.

When threatened, Gepards begin to secrete an oil that acts as a kind of second skin, offering some protection from the threat. This oil is also highly corrosive, and is enough to discourage most of the forest’s larger predators. However, because of its hallucinogenic properties, the oil is frequently sought after as a drug for those bored or desperate enough to use it. Gepard poaching is an unfortunately common crime.


Utter Brute, Path of Destruction, Battle’s Tempering, Necromancer

Gnolls are hyena-like bipeds from the islands outside Sanctum. They first came to the main continent due to a simple mistake. A group of explorers had discovered the Island and captured a pack to bring back to the continent for sale. However, when the ship arrived back on the mainland, the captured gnolls broke their chains and escaped into the wild. The pack immediately began to multiply and spread like wildfire, cutting a bloody path along Sanctum’s coastline. As the gnolls grew accustomed to life on the continent, they calmed down and settled in to the ecosystem.

Gnolls are highly intelligent, capable of using basic armor and weaponry, and can be trained to obey a small set of commands. Because of this, it’s not uncommon to see a pack of slavers or bandits with a trained gnoll acting as extra muscle. At the same time, there is still a large population of wild gnolls.



Hidewings are large, batlike creatures that lurk in the caverns beneath Sanctum. Their usual tactic is to swoop in rapidly from out of nowhere and overwhelm their victims with the sheer speed of their assault.

Natural Fauna

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