Quest Details

Current Objectives:

Current Location: Alfreish – Amboria, Noxvale Domain
Current Date: 311 of 1037 AIII
Days Passed: 23
Quests Completed: 3

Party Social Tokens:

  • Temple Guardians: 1
  • Okerzale Syndicate: 3
  • Marshland Refugees: 0

Completed Objectives:

  • Lair of the White Wyrm
  • Big City Knights
  • Lords of Dogtown
    • Defend Father Myst
    • Investigate Father Myst’s connection to the werewolves
    • Find the werewolves’ lair
    • Speak with the werewolve’s leader
    • Figure out how to break out most of Myst’s prisoners while minimizing casualties
    • Begin the raid on the Center
    • Break as many people out of the Center as possible. Put the ones who are too far gone to save out of their misery.
    • Kill Father Myst. Preferably in an extremely painful manner.

Abandoned Objectives:

  • Find evidence proving Canson Okerzale was not involved in the assassination of Lord Borafont’s brother
  • Find information concerning the ongoing gang war

Quest Details

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