The Wyrmborn are non-sentient beings created by the Wyrms during the The Wyrm War. All creatures listed on this page have the [Wyrmborn] type.


Imagine a massive, pulsating lump of living flesh. Now imagine it’s still oozing blood and mucus and pus. Now imagine that all of that is highly toxic. Now imagine that this lump of flesh is shaped like a very angry, very hungry dragon. Now imagine that you’ve just woken it up.


Standing around 5 feet tall, goblins are among the most common of the Wyrmborn, used mostly when their commanders need to throw a wave of bodies at a problem. They have little to no magical capabilities.

Goblin Shocktrooper

EL 2 Wyrmborn Barbarian
Path of Rage – Path of Destruction – Path of the Ancestors – Utter Brute
BAB: 2 Speed: 30 ft. [Medium] size
HP: 44 AC: 17 Ref: 2 Fort: 6 Will: 3
STR: 14 DEX: 14 CON: 18 INT: 10 WIS: 8 CHA: 8
Feats: Weaponized, Reckless Strike
Vision: Darkvision

Weapon: Cleaver
Attack: +7 Damage: 12
Weapon Properties: Brutal 2, Unbalancing

Weapon: Claws
Attack: +7 Damage: 10
Weapon Properties: Brutal, Traumatizing, Unbalancing
Special: Cannot be disarmed

Active Abilities: Rage, Cleave
Passive Abilities: Lesser Resilience, Uncivilized, Attacker


Kobolds are small, vaguely reptilian-looking creatures. Much like goblins, they are weak individually and rely on sheer numbers to overwhelm their enemies.

Mind Eater

Though they are humming, scorching things that can be seen through one’s eyelids, these creatures are nonetheless capable of stealth and cunning, and prefer not to fight fairly. Easily mistakable for some mad wizard’s creation, Mind-Eaters were once magical beings that were corrupted by the Wyrms. They now possess a vaguely arachnoid form and a hunger for the magic in others.


The Vermin are not true Wyrmborn, and appear to have been created via a method similar to the one that gave birth to the Orcs and Gnomes. They were human once, but now resemble rats more than anything else. They can be found in the catacombs underneath Tel Phonen

Vermin Scout

EL 3 Wyrmborn Ranger
Dervish – Iron Magi – Battle’s Tempering – Utter Brute
BAB: 3 Speed: 40 ft. [Medium] size
HP: 52 AC: 17 Ref: 6 Fort: 5 Will: 4
STR: 14 DEX: 18 CON: 18 INT: 10 WIS: 8 CHA: 10
Feats: Wake, This Is A Knife, To Iron Married
Special: [Immunity] to [Exhausted], halves [Fatigued] duration (minimum one [Round]) [Undead] type (does not age, healed by damage from [Negative] effects and harmed by “healing” from [Positive] effects), [Damage Reduction] 2
Vision: [Ghostwise sight] 30

Weapon: Rusty Knife
Attack: +7 Damage: +8
Weapon Properties: Brutal 2, Traumatizing

Weapon: Bite
Attack: +7 Damage: +6
Weapon Properties: Brutal, Traumatizing, Elemental (Acid)
Special: Cannot be disarmed

Active Abilities: A Cadence Of Blows, Consumption, Frenzied Strikes, War Dance
Passive Abilities: Strength of Undeath


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