The world of Sanctum was born in fire and baptized in blood. In the centuries since its inhabitants took up arms against their genocidal gods and banished them to the Emptiness, it has developed a culture as rich and diverse as its geography. Across countless generations, Sanctum’s people have prospered, confident in the permanence of their way of life and their ability to overcome any conceivable threat.

But now, threats from within and without threaten to shatter the hard-earned stability of this world. The dark underbelly of society is growing as more and more people succumb to greed and hatred, and the fires of war have reignited after decades of peace, fueled by a mysterious cult and the return of monstrous creatures known as the Wyrmborn.

The third age of Sanctum is coming to an end. Will you shepherd it safely into a new era, or will the sins of its people blanket the world in flames?

Sanctum is a fantasy setting created by me in 2012 for use with the Legend System. Its roots lay in the desire to create a traditional fantasy setting without several of the major moral dillemas that usually come with the territory. Specifically, I wanted to do away with the racial separation that seems to have been taken for granted ever since Tolkien introduced the concept in favor of a deeper blend of cultures and creeds. Rather than “Dwarves are X,” the setting is more along the lines of “The culture of this region prizes traits X, Y, and Z, so make sure that the character is a product of that culture for better or worse.” The setting was also designed with versatility in mind, containing the seeds of almost any kind of adventure imaginable – although due to personal preference, this particular game is getting the full-on apocalyptic treatment. I wanted to push the limits of a new game system, and the World In Flames campaign is my way of doing exactly that.

World in Flames

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